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Reference information
This region is part of: Siberian Federal District
Capital (population, thousand people) Barnaul (691.50)
Area of the region, square km 168.0
Distance to Moscow, km 3419
Largest cities (population, thousand people) Biysk (214.8); Rubtsovsk (145.8); Novoaltaisk (70.4); Zarinsk (47.8); Kamen-na-Obi (43.6); Slavgorod (42.4 ) /as of January 1, 2013/
Neighbouring areas Kazakhstan;
Within Russia: Novosibirsk, Kemerovo regions and the Altai Republic

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Attraction as an investment
Sectors attractive for investents
Attractive sectors for investment in the Altai Territory include:

Food and beverage processing industry;
Tourism and recreation

Investment opportunities
Thanks to its sound investment policy, high degree of economic diversification, po-litical and social stability, and wealth of mineral and natural resources, Altai Territo-ry is a great place to do business. The balanced structure of the region’s economy makes it attractive for investors working in various sectors.
Resources and infrastructure
Altai Territory has a wealth of resources. Chief among them is fertile land, which combined with climatic conditions, and human resource and scientific potential, provides the foundation for the development of a core sector of the economy – agribusiness. With these resources, Altai Territory has all the prerequisites to create a special farming area based on the implementation of the ambitious, long-term Altai Priobye Region Comprehensive Development Project. This pro-ject could become an engine of growth for the whole economy of the region. Another key resource is the region’s recreation potential. The territory has great opportunities for the development of both domestic and international tourism. The region has substantial reserves of mineral resources, which are a founda-tion for the development of the mining industry.
Economic potential of the region
Altai Territory’s economy has a multi-sector, well-balanced structure, split ap-proximately evenly between the service sector and production of goods (55% to 45%). The leading sectors of the region’s economy are manufacturing, trade and agriculture. The core of the market economy is manufacturing, which gene-rates 18% of gross value-added, 30.8% of tax revenue and 29.4% of turnover. Agriculture ac-counts for 16.0% of GVA, 3.6% of tax revenue and 7.0% of turnover.
Investment climate
In the interests of intelligently managing Altai Territory’s economic and resource potential, the regional administration offers investors a wide range of incentives and guarantees for stable operations. The region has multilevel, versatile infra-structure for supporting investment, backed by progressive investment legislation.
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